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Noisy Pipes

Is there a strange noise coming from your pipes (pinging, banging, hammering, knocking, shaking, vibrating)? There is a good chance it is what plumbers call "water hammer" and is usually not expensive to fix, which will save you the headache.

So what causes water hammer? Water comes from the water main (which usually travels under the road) which is connected to your water inlet. From the water inlet the water travels through the pipes to the house and delivers it to all the utilities and fixtures.

The home water system is usually under a high amount of water pressure, when you open a water valve for example turning on your tap you allow this water pressure to be released and water flows depending on how much pressure you release. However when you turn the water valve off the water pressure is halted immediately and has nowhere to go other than back the way it came, the energy from the water pressure will travel backward causing the energy to bounce and in turn make the pipes vibrate and rattle.

Most pipes are fixed or braced against an immovable object to stop the pipes from vibrating. If your pipes are rattling it means they are not secured properly, this puts pressure on pipe joins and will weaken and burst over time.

Older homes do not usually have the same quality or quantity of fixings to keep the pipes steady. Newer homes also have a "water hammer arrester" to assist in stopping noisy pipes. A water hammer arrester is directly fixed onto the pipes. When the water is turned off the pressure will build up and flow into the water hammer arrester which will then dissipate through a rubber diaphragm and not through the pipe.

It is best to get rattling pipes fixed as soon as possible to avoid further damage and problems (weakened, burst or broken pipes). Coast Plumbing will be able to install a "water hammer arrester" on any problem pipes.