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Gold Coast CCTV Drain Camera

Why it is necessary to call a plumber equipped with a CCTV Drain Camera.

Coast Plumbing uses the latest blocked drain diagnosis technology the CCTV Drain Camera. This new technology not only saves you time and money on labor, but gives you the most accurate diagnosis possible.Our plumbers will send a drain camera down the blocked drain which will send a live video feed back to the plumber operating the drain camera this not only shows you exactly where the blockage is but the quality of your pipes.

Each drain camera has locating sensor on the tip which is how the plumber will find exactly where the blockage is from the surface with the hand held locator. The CCTV Drain Camera can go up to a total of 300 feet (100 metres) down a pipe which will more than cover any residential dwelling. Also the live video feed can be recorded and stored on a DVD for future reference or to show the owner of the property.

There can be many causes of a blocked drain the majority of blocked drains are caused by tree roots and the pipe cracking or collapsing. Once we diagnose the cause and location of the blocked drain we can then start on repairing the damage. Whenever you have a blocked drain make sure you call fully licensed and equipped professionals, Coast Plumbing operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week all over the Gold Coast and Brisbane Region every plumber is equipped with a CCTV Drain Camera.

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