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Q. What causes blocked drains and clogged drains?

Tree Root Infiltration: The most common cause of a blocked drain is tree root infiltration, this is where tree roots will penetrate a sewer pipe or storm water pipe in search of water. Once the tree roots are inside the pipe they will continue to grow and eventually block the pipe completely (waste and debris can also get caught in the roots adding to the blockage).

Waste Build-up: Another common cause of a clogged drain is when waste and debris builds up inside the pipe. Sometimes objects flushed down the toilet can get caught inside the pipe and from there waste and debris will slowly build up until there is a blockage.

Collapsed Pipes: Collapsed pipes are also a common cause of a blocked drain, tree roots and earth movement can cause the pipes to crack and collapse on themselves causing a blocked drain.

Q. How do I know if I have a blocked drain? What are the signs before getting a blocked drain?

Gurgling Sound - This is one of the early signs to warn you that all is not well with your drainage system.

Disappearing Water - This is when the water level that is in the bottom of your toilet bowl disappears, this is called siphonage.

Smell - A smell occurs when the water disappears, the water acts as a smell repellent.
Back up - When the toilet gets flushed and the water rises to the top of the bowl which means there is trouble in the system.

Gully - The overflow relief gully is usually found in your yard (the pipe with the grate on top) its purpose is in the case of a blocked downstream it will surcharge out of there before it damages inside of the dwelling.

Q. How do I fix my blocked drain?

Call Coast Plumbing immediately at the first sign of a blocked or clogged drain the longer you leave a blocked drain the worse it can become. Coast Plumbing will come to your property and send a Drain Camera down the blocked pipe to see exactly where the blockage is and what is causing it. Once we have found the cause of the blocked drain we can take action to fix it.

If it is tree root infiltration or waste build up we will send a High Pressure Water Jetter down the pipe which uses approximately 5000psi water pressure to cut away tree roots and remove build up. The High Pressure Water Jetter method is the most effective tool at clearing blocked drains. The old Electric Eel method tended to damage pipes further as it uses cutting and grinding blades to destroy the blockage, these blades would smash against the walls of the pipe often causing cracks and further damage.

Coast Plumbing are specialists when it comes to blocked and clogged drains our plumbers are equipped with the best tools to ensure the highest quality work. Call us today for a free quote!

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